About Us

"Since 1986 we are offering our real estate services to our national and international clients in Torrevieja in Alicante. As API (Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria) and CRS (Council of Residential Specialists) we are state-qualified and registered Spanish Real Estate Agents and qualified as solicitors to look after any single aspect of the process of buying/selling a property in Spain, from the first contact, thought the completion of the sale and the signing of the Title Deeds (Escritura) at the Notary's office to changing all supplying contracts into the new owner's name.

We know the local real estate market well and thanks to our on-going training of all our staff and the cooperation with almost all local real estate agencies in Torrevieja we can offer a wide range of well-priced properties on the coast and make sure your house sells quickly and at the best price possible. We are the founder company of ASIVEGA, the first and so far only professional real estate organization in the area."

We are here to help you and make things easy for you, whether you are buying or selling your property in Torrevieja.

Karen Manzanas Ochagavia

Karen is the manager of the company, and is part of the second generation of Real Estate Advisors in Okendo. She coordinates and supervises the conveyancing of all sales transactions until the signing of the Title Deeds at the Notary’s.

Karen is one of the most qualified estate agents in Torrevieja, she is a State Qualified and Registered Spanish API Agent (Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria), the only Real Estate Agent in Torrevieja with the designation CRS (Council of Residential Specialists) to date and she holds a degree in Economics and Business from the University of Deusto in San Sebastian.

Karen has lived and worked in Germany (Osnabrück) and England (Brighton), before joining the family business in 1997. In order to provide the best service to her customers she continuously attends seminars and training courses throughout the country and in the USA to renew and extent her knowledge. Since 2012 she is also participating in Real Estate events as a panelist sharing her knowledge and experience with other colleagues.

On her return from the CRS Sell-a-Bration course in San Francisco (USA), she set the goal to establish a system of professional collaboration amongst Real Estate agents in Torrevieja, and this project became a reality in April 2009 when 13 offices supported her initiative and believed in her project. Today ASIVEGA, the Association of Real Estate Agents in the Vega Baja Area is a reality, which in addition to being a founding partner has been its President the first two years.

Karen is also very active in the Rotary Club of Torrevieja, organizing different fundraising and solitary acts for charity.

She loves the nature, is a practitioners of Kundalini Yoga, addicted to social network Pinterest and loves baking, movies, going out dancing with her friends and enjoys her family. She says about herself of being rewarded for what life has given to her, especially her son and husband.

Karen speaks Spanish, English and German and is now doing hes first steps with French.


You can contact Karen:

- by telephone: 965 71 06 08

- by mobile: 678 679 102

- by email: karen@okendo.com

- by Skype: karenmanzanas1

Olga Lopez Sanchez

Olga is with Okendo since the first office in Torrevieja was opend on 137 Calle Ramón Gallud. She coordinates all the day to day work in the office and is a vital support for the rest of the staff. Olga coordinates all viewings, makes sure the seller gets a feedback after each visit, updates the database with all new listings,  distributes it through the agent network and prepares the printed marketing material. Once the sale has been completed, she makes sure all supplying contracts are changed into the new owners name.

Without Olga, Okendo would not be the same company. Both staff and clients appreciate her always positive spirit and energy.  

Olga speaks Spanish and English.


You can contact Olga:

- by telephone: 966 70 60 13

- by mobile: 678 679 108

- by email: olga@okendo.com

- by Skype: okendo_olga


Felix Bravo Escudero

Felix is part of Okendo since 2001. He is responsible for consulting national clients and specializes in property valuations. His knowledge of prices of each area in Torrevieja and his understanding of the real estate market makes him the ideal advisor for owners who wants to sell their home in a competitive market.

Felix is characterized by his formality, professionalism and ability to empathize with people quickly. Many customers return to the company because of the treatment received by him.

Felix speaks Spanish and French.


You can contact Felix:

- by telephono: 966 70 60 13

- by mobile: 669 400 553

- by email: felix@okendo.com

- by Skype: okendo_felix

Ulrich Brack

Ulrich runs the Okendo Real Estate Boutique in Torrevieja together with his wife and business partner Karen since the first office was opened back in 1998.

He looks after the daily business and all sales and marketing activities. He particularly cares about all foreign home owners that want to sell their property.

Ulrich was born, grew up and studied in Germany, finished his Maser Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Sussex University in Brighton and after a Trainee Program in Tokyo (Japan) arrived to Spain together with Karen to join the family business.

He always endeavours to improve the communication between the company and the client, especially introducing video as a main tool.

Between 2010 and 2013 Ulrich was on the board of APYMECO, the Association of Mediumsized Companies in Torrevieja and was president of the Association of professional Real Estate Agents in the Vega Baja Region between 2013 and 2015.

Ulrich loves sports and is a passionate golfer (HCP: 16,8). He works out regularly in the gym and in 2015 he completed his first Half-Marathon.

He is fluent in German, English and Spanish.


If you want to know more about Ulrich, please visit his website www.ulrichbrack.com.


You can contact Ulrich via:

- Telephone: 966 70 60 13

- Mobil: 678 679 103

- Email: ulrich@okendo.com

- Skype: okendo_ulrich