Before You Purchase a House


Before you start looking for a home you should ask yourself a few questions.

• Where do you want to live?
• Do you want to be close to beach, city centre or golf course?
• What kind of house would you like/need: apartment, bungalow or detached villa? Are you looking for a particular style?
• How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?
• Do you want a garden?
• How much house can you afford?
• Have you consulted a real estate agent and/or bank to determine the size of the mortgage you would qualify for?


• Talk to your bank first about finance and make sure the information you get is accurate.
• Browse through real estate advertisements on the internet, read homes magazines. This will give you a good feel for the types of homes that are on the market and what they cost.
• Contact a local real estate agent. They can help you determine how much you can afford, and they can provide you with information on homes that may interest you. The agency will also help you complete all of the necessary forms when it comes time to make an offer.



Working with a professional real estate agent to buy your home is a good idea for several reasons:
• They're familiar with the properties on the market which they will match to your need and desire.
• They'll analyze your financial situation to help you determine how much you can afford.
• They're familiar with the process of buying a home and can explain things to you.
• They can easily access information on all properties listed for sale by other real estate agent in your area.
• They can set up appointments for you to see homes that interest you.
• They'll help you complete all the necessary paperwork when it comes time to make an offer.
• They'll help you arrange financing.
• They'll be there to answer all your questions and make sure everything closes smoothly.



Searching for your dream home can be a time consuming experience. Working with a professional real estate agent will make the process much more efficient. Since most people spend a fair amount of time with their real estate agent, it's important to choose one who is knowledgeable, one you feel comfortable with, and one who is responsive to your needs. The following questions will help you decide if a particular real estate agent is right for you:

• Are they a qualified and registered company in Spain, API, CRS, etc?
• How long are they in business?
• Do they belong to an official association of real estate agents?

• Do they return your phone calls?
• Do they have a track record of top level performance?
• Do they ask you questions to determine what you want/need in a house?
• Do they perform a financial analysis to help you determine how much you can afford?
• Do they suggest financing methods?
• Do they explain the purchasing process and the taxes and fees to pay clearly to you?
• Do they seem knowledgeable about the community?
• Are the properties they offer competitively priced?

• And last but not least, do you feel comfortable spending time with them?

When you can answer the majority of of the above question with a “Yes”, then go ahead and view houses with them.