What is an A.P.I.?
A professional and registerred Real Estate Agent who defends the rights of consumers, seeks compliance with current legislation and provides its collaboration with the Public Administration.

Who is the Real Estate Agent?
A legally authorized professional and with the necessary official training needed to perform their functions, ensuring compliance with the law in real estate transactions. Always ask for your  agents official and professional title.

What are the functions of the Real Estate Agent?
The main functions of an API Agent is the mediation in the sale, exchange, transfer and leasing of real estate.

Mediation in granting mortgage loans on real estate.

Valuation and assignment or transfer of real estate.

Who requested the services of Real Estate Agent?
In addition to companies and private services API are also requested by the Public Registry, the State Administration and the courts.

What guarantees are offered by the Real Estate Agents?
In addition to providing the necessary training to bring to conclusion the real estate transactions, the APIs are responding personally and voluntary with an insurance for all their actions. No other real estate agent offers this liability insurance to its customers, only the APIs.

What social function do the APIs fulfill?
In their business, ensuring the respect for the consumer’s rights and ensuring the compliance with the current law.

How do the APIs advises?
Putting their knowledge about the market and the law to their clients disposal, checking the correctness and accuracy of the operation and mediating between the parties.

What warranties does an API offer?
The warranty of the only official title endorsed by the government to practice the mediation in real estate transactions.

The warrenty of the organisation that mediates impartially between the parties to resolve any conflict of interest and to avoid a trial.

The security of personal attention and a highly competitive and professional advice.

The guarantee of a solid and proven experience that supports our motto.

An agency that does its job well, never have problems with its customers.